Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bilinguals and Coloring Book II Coming Soon

All has been quiet the last little while but progress is being made and the bilinguals are coming! As well as coloring book II.

Progress on Bilinguals
Our focus has been on the Maori-English bilingual, which needs some small textual adjustments, prior to going forward to publication.

The Maori-English Bilingual is in its final layout/formatting stage before printing and publishing

And we have a front cover!

Maori-English Bilingual Front Cover
The bilinguals will be a good aid to help people to learn English while enjoying these humorous bedtime stories.

Bedbug books are in 10 countries that we know of and with the emergence of the bilinguals, the books will go out to a worldwide audience. Kids and adults everywhere will learn about a drowsy bedbug that chooses not to bite and just wants to "sleep tight." 

Maori-English Bilingual Back Cover

Next up are the Japanese-English and Chinese-English versions, also in progress, with translators and proofreaders working to that end.

Progress on Coloring Book II
The illustrations for coloring book II have been sent in and approved and this wonderful story with an extinct wolf, when published, will help to raise awareness about endangered species.

EBay Auctions
At present, book I is offered at Ebay with a free bedbug toy and free shipping (for a limited time). Keep checking Ebay for Bedbug books listings.

The recent release of the film version of Where The Wild Things Are is testimony to the fact that a simple concept, if well done, can create a global phenomenon. So it is with the children's book written by Melody Rhodes - The Bedbug Who Wouldn't Bite. 

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