Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bedbug Books Welcomes Third Illustrator to Team

Bedbug & Mouse are thrilled to welcome our third illustrator. As the Bedbug series has grown, more and more talented individuals have come on-board.

Illustrator: S. R. Scofield
Our third illustrator is a third-time Yobi finalist, whose work has appeared in West Coast publications and recently on Global TV.

Selena is an artist/illustrator/photographer and she is collaborating with us on coloring book II. Visit our Illustrator's page to see more of Selena's artwork and photography.

Coming Soon ...

No Bacon and Pork Chops for Wolfy's Din-Din

The wolf depicted in the illustrations for coloring book II has stripe-like markings on its back. Can anyone guess what type of wolf it is and why it went extinct?

We are busy working on the storyboard for this second coloring book in the Wonderful Wishes series. The coloring books carry forward the theme that even a lowly bedbug can make choices about behavior and thus, so too, children.

In coloring book I, Bedbug did a kind deed and received Wonderful Wishes. Dancing in the rainbow, he turned color.

In coloring book II, Bedbug next wishes for a nice, sweet-smelling place to "sleep tight." He is transported to the first little pig's house of straw but ... uh-oh, guess who's on the way? 

Bedbug wishes to go inside the stone house with the pigs to keep safe but ...

And Wolfy gets the shock of his life!!

This second coloring book will appeal to kids of all ages (and "big kids," too!) with its humorous, richly detailed illustrations.

This second coloring book will shine a spotlight on harm-free eating. Even rascally Wolf learns a thing or two about choices that impact the animal kingdom.

While these are coloring books, text is included to make them color-in stories.

Five illustrations have been created so far. We'll be posting updates for fans as we move forward.

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