Saturday, December 29, 2012

January Give-Away: Free Coloring Book

To usher in the New Year, we are happy to announce our new give-away for the month of January. Get your own FREE coloring book in the Wonderful Wishes series. How?

It's easy! Simply choose any of our Toy + Card sets and you qualify for a FREE coloring book when you place your order in the month of January.

The adorable bugs + cards are not just for kids. The cards contain an upbeat message to cheer either kids or adults and the adorable bedbugs, in their vibrant colors, make cute collectibles for people of all ages. The bugs are poseable so you can perch them anywhere, on an office desk, by your computer, on a mantel. Or they can be given as unique gifts, too!

 Choose Any Toy + Card ...

A nice card and cute bug to send to someone who is blue or ill, to cheer them up.
We're not just for kids!

As long as you place your order in January, you will qualify for your free coloring book, the first coloring book in the Wonderful Wishes series!

Receive Your FREE Coloring Book

Bedbug does a kind deed ...

This coloring book includes text. Bedbug hears a noise and goes to investigate. He does a good deed and is visited by the Rainbow Fairy who grants him Wonderful Wishes and the ability to change color. When he says the magic words, "Change Me Now!" he changes to whatever he's touching. Will he finally get to "sleep tight"?

In future coloring books, Bedbug finds that getting a good night's rest is more challenging than he bargained for. He encounters the Big Bad Wolf, Papa Bear, and Captain Hook! Children will enjoy the humor in each coloring book.

As kids color, they learn about kindness

All Bedbug stories model constructive behavior. By Bedbug's example, children learn about kindness.

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