Thursday, December 6, 2012

Book Display at Devon Intermediate School Library in New Zealand

Book Display at Devon Intermediate School Library, NZ
The Bedbug Books are appearing at more and more locations (recent additions at Amazon) and one of these is the Devon Intermediate School Library in New Zealand, as seen in the photo above.

Visitors would have seen the photo/illustration below if they flipped through book I (The Bedbug Who Wouldn't Bite)

Scene in Book I
While normally, no one likes bedbugs, Bedbug is one bug that doesn't bite. He's a role-model for children by showing that, while he could bite, he chooses not to.

Part of the display shows the new Bedbug toys available. While the orange bedbug toy, created in conjunction with book I one was an immediate hit with children, a growing number of adults have found the "bedbugs" incredibly cute and want to collect these. 

With this in mind, we've now developed a line of colored bugs with matching greeting cards with an upbeat message, suitable for a larger audience, comprised of both children and adults. These can be seen on our Toys & Cards page.

Free verse coupled with the convention of rhyme helps to make reading fun at bedtime. Become a Follower at this site for chances to win Bedbug Books I & II or other prizes. Please give this post a Tweet by clicking the blue bird below. Bedbug and Mouse thank you!