Thursday, December 6, 2012

Book Display at Devon Intermediate School Library in New Zealand

The Bedbug books are making an appearance at an increasing number of locations, one of which is the Devon Intermediate School Library in New Zealand.

Visitors who spotted the Bedbug books would have seen the photo/illustration to the left if they flipped through book I. This illustration was one of the favorites and had kids laughing at the thought of Bedbug getting drenched if he tried to carry a glass of water. 

No wonder, he said, 
I won't crawl to the sink
To fetch you a drink, 
For a bug 
That wouldn't be right."

The toys were a hit with the kids but also with many of the adults, as well, who said they thought the "bedbugs" were very cute. 

Devon Intermediate School
Devon Brochure

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