Friday, November 30, 2012

Bedbug Books I & II Now Available at Amazon

We are very pleased to let readers know that Bedbug books I & II are now up at Amazon. In coming days, more products will be added.

The original ribbon-bound edition has been available at Amazon for some time but we've recently added the saddle-stitched books I & II in both small and large sizes.

What's the difference between the ribbon-bound and the saddle stitched books and why the change?

The ribbon-bound books were a special release and were never intended to be the main format for the Bedbug books. Once they are gone, they will become collector's items. The sheer labor involved in hand-binding with the orange ribbon and costs associated with same, meant a higher production cost.

In contrast, the saddle-stitched books offer the same vibrant images but at a lower cost for consumers. With times getting tougher everywhere, people are thinking twice about what they can afford to purchase.

What's at Amazon now?
What's Coming in Future? 
We plan to add the colored bedbug toys with matching cards, and, of course, any future releases, such as more coloring books in the Wonderful Wishes series or book III.

* Prices may vary across different sellers.

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