Friday, November 30, 2012

Bedbug Books I & II Now Available at Amazon

We are very pleased to let readers know that Bedbug books I & II are now available at Amazon.

The original ribbon-bound edition has been available at Amazon for some time but we've recently added the saddle-stitched books I & II in both small and large sizes.

What's the difference between the ribbon-bound and the saddle stitched books and why the change?

The ribbon-bound books were a special release and were never intended to be the main format for the Bedbug books. Once they are gone, they will become collector's items. The sheer labor involved in hand-binding with the orange ribbon and costs associated with same, meant a higher production cost.

In contrast, the saddle-stitched books offer the same vibrant images but at a lower cost for consumers

To order Bedbug and Mouse toys, contact the publisher at Studio Seven.

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